Ten things I can’t live without: Kyle Lowry

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Catch Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry in a moment of repose, and he’ll admit he’s not a fan of his moniker: the Bulldog. He’ll look down, tilt his head to the side, then he’ll reveal the sincerity in his eyes.

“Personally, I don’t like the nickname, but you know, people like calling me that,” he says, with a laugh.

The 6-foot-tall, 30-year-old grew up playing hoops on the side streets of Northern Philadelphia. To stay on the court, he developed a thick skin while playing with older kids, and it was there where he earned the respect of his peers.

“I think that’s going through the years of toughness, growing up, and understanding what you had to do to fit in, play,” he admits, while stealing away from practice at the BioSteel Centre in Toronto. “You made sure you didn’t get kicked off the court because you made them want you to play.”

However, Bulldog does seem to fit his tenacious spirit, especially one who co-chaired the Raptors’ charge to the Eastern Conference finals in 2016 with teammate DeMar DeRozan.

He led the team in minutes played, and netted a 19.1 points per game average, and added 6 assists per game. He played a pivotal role in leading the Raptors to the deepest playoff run in the team’s history. The troupe might have lost in six games to Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but there’s fire in his voice when he speaks to this year’s potential, and their efforts to a spot in the 2017 finals.

“We’ve got to get better as individuals. It’s not going to be easy,” he admits. “It’s going to take mental fitness, physical fitness. You’ve got to want to win.”

As for what it keeps a man with a winning personality driven, it all comes down to the comforts of home, and futures filled with exploring of new worlds.


Wife Ayahna, sons Karter, 5 and Kameron, 3 are part of his “everyday life”. Mom, Marie Hollaway, grandmother, Shirley Hollaway, and his brother Lonnie Lowry also play a big part.


“I love socks. All socks. Dress socks, cushy socks. Everything … It’s a weird little thing I’ve got with myself. If you want brands, I’ll say Adidas.”


“I like to be comfortable when I’m travelling. I feel like sweats are the most comfortable things you can wear in life. Hoodies, sweats, they go with everything I feel like.”


“It’s my pastime. It gives me complete freedom from thinking about basketball. One of my favourite
courses is a place in San Diego, called the (Park Hyatt) Aviara. One of my secret locations is also in Greensboro, Georgia: Reynolds Plantation.”


“I want to go to Greece. I want to go to Paris, France. I have not been to Paris yet. I kind of want to take a
weird trip to the North Pole, just to try it … I hate the
cold, but just to say I’ve been to where Santa is.”


“Me, personally, while growing up, it was whatever looked good and fast. I love fast cars.”


“It’s one of my favourite shows. It used to be The Simpson, but now it’s my go-to.”


“That would be my (obvious) choice.”


“I like to go and be down by the beach. Different parts of the world. Different bodies of water. Different creations of the earth. I like to see everything. I like to be out there. But it’s got to be sunny.”


Enough said.

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