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UMM – Nadia Dawn

Nadia Dawn, Spring 2013 UMM.
Nadia Dawn, Spring 2013 UMM.

The exotic Nadia Dawn is trying to make it big in Los Angeles.
The model-actress is a transplanted Torontonian looking for the next big thing in La-La land. She’s already building an impressive resume, starring with Robert Patrick of Terminator 2 fame in Mr. Sophistication, and adding a handful of horror films, Silver Lake and Soul Eater to that cache.

She’s travelled the world over, and UMM had the chance to share the spotlight with Dawn during a brief return to the Great White North, where she got her first big break.

How did you catch the acting bug and end up in L.A.?
I was hosting a show in Atlanta and Tampa in the beginning. I went from there to New York and there I just felt like it wasn’t for me because it was still cold and I couldn’t really drive. I said, ‘I guess I have to take the plunge’, and I did it.

So, Robert Patrick, T-1000, is he a real ball-buster?
He’s a very nice guy – that was Mr. Sophistication. He’s very cool, very down to earth. I think professional actors just love what they do, and they’re just happy. He was telling me his life is just like a dream and now his family is getting into (acting). When you are at that state, when you’re living your dream, it doesn’t feel real.

Spring 2013 UMM.
Spring 2013 UMM.

You mention a dream state, are you in that zone right now?
Living where I do is unbelievable. It is like a dream … There are those times, but there also the times when you’re going for auditions over and over again and maybe you’ll get a call back for a second or third (and) you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you’ve got five people staring at you and you’re at Fox Studios. It’s gruelling. But it is what is.

You’ve mentioned you’re not interested in the negative reality television, can expand on that?
Love and Hip Hop, and shows like Bad Girls Club — it’s just awful television. It doesn’t help society progress. It’s kind of sad; it’s you’re 15 minutes.

Did that spur you on to create something refreshing?
What we’re doing is creating a show, cooking with celebs, and we’re going pitch it in January. We have RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad … It’s positive, feel good, it brings a platform to new charities.

Food, now that bring us to your stay in France. What did you take away from that?
It’s a different culture: the ability to relax and have fun … It felt so completely free.

Is it true the French know the art of love?
I did have a cute boyfriend for the few months that I was there (laughs). It actually helps you learn quicker. It’s criteria for studying abroad, having a boyfriend who speaks French.

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