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UMM – Britt Churchill

Britt Churchill, Spring 2013 UMM.
Britt Churchill, Spring 2013 UMM.

Deep beneath the smile of model Britt Churchill lies a tomboy in waiting.
The Ottawa-born stunner has been modelling since 14, and is pursuing that next platform to entertain and enlighten.

She’s flashed her international smile as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays seventh inning stretch dance team, on the beaches of Miami and on the television series Rookie Blue.

UMM caught up Churchill while she on a shoot for Elite, her agency, and chatted about the quirks and perks of being a model and her aim to become a WWE Diva.

You really live with eight other girls?
“When you travel you really have to be able to get along with everyone … You have to learn to deal with that. It’s not easy but it’s definitely fun and it’s definitely worth everything. I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

One bathroom, nine women – that is tough. Who do you turn to for inspiration?
” I really like Kate Moss, obviously, because she’s a shorter model as well and gone so far, however her lifestyle is not something I look up to … Actually, there’s a model with Elite now, her name is Nina (Agdal), and she is with Victoria’s Secret. She’s actually younger than me but she’s gotten so far, so fast and she has the sporty lifestyle, so I really look up to that … Stacey Keibler is really someone who motivates me as well. She did (WWE) and she started out as a model too.”

Spring 2013 UMM.
Spring 2013 UMM.

You’ve seen the world through modelling. Is there one stop you’d like to revisit?
“Hong Kong was probably one of my favourites. I was supposed to go for only three months. I ended up for two years. I worked really well there and made a lot of friends there. They treat the models really good there.”

Travelling the world over, you must have become a foodie?
“I am definitely a foodie. In another life, I definitely would have been a chef. A lot of times I’m one of the few girls that knows how to cook when I go to the model apartment. I end up cooking for the girls, which is nice. I get to teach them how to eat properly, and my husband is a professional athlete, so I cook a lot for him as well.”

You mention your husband is a pro athlete. Who is he, just so we know not to upset him when chatting you up?
“He’s a professional MMA fighter. His name is Misha Cirkunov. He just opened up a gym in Toronto. Our lives are pretty good together, we recently got married in April.”

So, has had he an impact on your fitness regimen?
“Right now I’m trying to get into the WWE Divas thing. I have a meeting, and I’m hoping turn that into a platform to become a host. It could go in many directions.

Wow, sounds like you’ve got everything planned.
“But I’m not a real planner. That has a lot to do with opening the gym, being active, and I’m obsessed with yoga. I never know what the future holds, but in a way that’s good.”

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