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UMM – Mashiah Vaughn

Mashiah Vaughn, UMM Summer 2010

Femme fatale Mashiah Vaughn lives life at a madcap pace.

The actor-model says so while taking a reprieve from her busy filming schedule.

“We were filming all day … every day,” she says.

The cause of her workaholic lifestyle is not a feature film, music video nor ad campaign, it’s her very being, now playing out in a reality show set to air this fall on CityTV.

“It’s because I run my own company, I’m a mom, I’m writing books and I’m an actor,” Vaughn says. “(The producers) think it’s exciting enough to follow me around.”

Writing children’s books, honing her entrepreneurial skills with bodyworks company Open Sundaes, and music video appearance like “Don’t Talk to Strangers” by Hedley keep her running.

The origins of her screen time can be traced back to when she was scouted by John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Model Management, during her teenage years.

After a meeting with supermodel Claudia Schiffer’s agent, it was suggested she fly to Germany. But strict parents dashed those hopes, offering to sate Vaughn’s silverscreen flirtations instead.

“I’ve always been interested in acting and plays and theatre,” she says.

It shows, with a lengthy resumé including both of the Fantastic Four movies and Scary Movie 4.

She’s enjoyed every minute of it, including the walloping of Jensen Ackles who plays monsterhunter Dean Winchester on the television show Supernatural.

It seems her toddler Ayden wants in on the action, too.

“The 2 1/2-year-old is constantly trying to murder himself every minute of every day,” she says. “He just split his head open two days ago, so we had to rush in and get seven stitches.”

Taking care of her two boys, Ayden and 15-yearold Ronin, is job number one. They’re also the source of inspiration for her next project.

“My thing is to have some sort of foundation that I’ve started on my own but something that has some grit,” she says. “I’m with the Arts Umbrella and I’ve donated tons of money to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.”

However, Vaughn wants to help prevent abuse instead. Her idea: to start Nannies with Wings.

“Basically they go in and they are able to source out families that need extra help that have just gone through divorce,” she says.

As Vaughn chats about her dependence on imagination, her vivacity breaks the fourth wall.

“I love life,” she admits. “I want to leave this planet different than when I came in.”

But before she sets out on that next adventure, she is happy to take a long dip in the tub.

“My favourite thing is to have a bath at night,” she says. “That’s the only down time I have: to relax and have a nice bubble bath and to read.”

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