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Top 25 Fictional Characters

Here are 25 fictional characters from books, movies, comics and cartoon strips that have influenced me.

25. Who: Aslan
Where: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
When: Grades 1-3
Why: A leader and good, all-round role model. And for a lack of a better reason: he’s a lion.
24. Who: Grimmy
Where: Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters
When: Grades 6-8
Why: Goofy and mischievous he one of the reasons why I read comics as a kid.
23. Who: Beach Head
Where: G.I. Joe
When: Grades 1-3
Why: Never rolls up his sleeves to get shit done. He does it in a balaclava, much classier.
22. Who: Atticus Finch
Where: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
When: High School
Why: The father that knows best and knows when an innocent man is wrongly tried.
21. Who: Dwight
Where: Sin City by Frank Miller
When: Post University
Why: There’s a vindictive streak in him but never one that deviates from gritty chivalry.
20. Who: Sam Bowden
Where: Cape Fear (1962)
When: High School
Why: You never know what a man pushed to the edge will do, especially for his family.
19. Who: Jack Shephard
Where: Lost
When: Career
Why: Self-righteous, moral relativist but a heck of a surgeon. And who isn’t self-righteous when marooned on a tropical island with polar bears and a big black mist.
18. Who: Marvin (the Martian)
Where: Looney Tunes
When: Elementary School
Why: This guy never gives up, and given his daffy adversary. I don’t blame him.
17. Who: Hal Jordan
Where: Green Lantern by DC Comics
When: Elementary School
Why: He’s by-the-book, which should make Ryan Reynolds’ adaptation of the best Lantern interesting.
16. Who: James Bond
Where: Any film or novel based on Ian Fleming’s spy character.
When: High School and University
Why: I prefer the Brosnan Bond. He’s a smartass, and throws in those good puns at the end.
15. Who: Wolverine
Where: X-Men by Marvel Comics
When: Elementary school
Why: A bit of a lone wolf, but does come to aid when it’s needed.
14. Who: Jim Rockford
Where: Rockford Files
When: High School
Why: Take a look back at the Brosnan Bond. Ex-con Rockford is a smartass and the token anti-hero who somehow solves his capers after driving into the right car chase.
13. Who: Gambit
Where: X-Men by Marvel Comics
When: High School
Why: The Cajun heir apparent to Logan’s individuality. Both have fiery personalities.
12. Who: “Dirty” Harry Callahan
Where: Dirty Harry
When: University
Why: I like my justice swift, stern and actual punishment. So when I came across Dirty Harry, I was like, “Right on”.
11. Who: Optimus Prime
Where: Transformers by Hasbro
When: Elementary school
Why: He’s not a socialist, but he’s certainly the Honest Abe of the Cybertron bunch. Optimus was fair but just.
10. Who: Peter Venkman
Where: Ghostbusters
When: Since 1984
Why: Sarcasm readers go off the charts when this one enters the room. It’s like “Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!”
9. Who: Wayne Campbell
Where: Wayne’s World
When: Since 1992
Why: Rock and roll music. Hockey. His own cable access show. Does this guy live the dream. Sha!
8. Who: Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski
Where: The Big Lebowski
When: Since 1998
Why: Bowling, beer and carpets. The Dude abides. He was also a roadie for Metallica, Speed of Sound tour.
7. Who: Batman
Where: Detective Comics by DC Comics
When: Converted during the teenage years via Superman
Why: A realist. A dark, brooding figure who tries to balance justice with cruel, harsh punishment.
6. Who: Garfield
Where: Garfield by Jim Davis
When: Since birth
Why: I grew up with the lasagna eating furball in part thanks to my uncle’s cache of annuals depicting the Chat d’Orange’s hijinks.
5. Who: Indiana Jones
Where: Raiders of the Lost Ark
When: Elementary school
Why: Up until the most recent Lucas fiasco – the one that “Nuked the fridge”, I loved the movies. Indy was why I got into archaeology, not ufology.
4. Who: Sam Spade
Where: Maltese Falcon by Humphrey Bogart
When: Since 1987
Why: You got to love Hammett’s hardboiled characters. Film Noir is a fave of mine, and Bogie brings the characters to life.
3. Who: Fox Mulder
Where: The X-Files by Chris Carter
When: Since 1993
Why: I was a paranormal geek in high school and it did spill over into university. Then after graduating to the real world the paranormal vanished.
2. Who: Rick Blaine
Where: Casablanca
When: Since 1987
Why: Though he professes to “Stick his neck out for nobody”, Rick knows when someone needs help and when a cause needs a hand. He chooses his hills to die on, wisely.
1. Who: Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV
Where: Magnum P.I.
When: Pert near close to birth
Why: My mom watched the show from the beginning and it wasn’t long until I was old enough to watch, and let’s just say Magnum P.I. was my idol.

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