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Top 25 Animals

I’m an animal person. Sometimes I prefer hanging with nature rather than putting up with humans. So, here’s my list of Top 25 animals.

Note: the explanations don’t go into any great detail, so if you’re looking for an existentialist breakdown of why I like these animals, you’ve come to the wrong place.

25. What: Bernese Mountain Dog
Latin: Canis lupus familiaris
Why: To avoid the whole, “Just look at that face” shtick, I’ll say these placid pooches are perfect for any family.
24. What: Great White Shark
Latin: Carcharodon carcharias
Why: Maligned to the point of frenzied, uncalled- for violence. I find sharks completely misunderstood by humans. Sharks are nature’s fiercest predators, and truly mysterious.
23. What: Green Iguana
Latin: Iguana iguana
Why: They lay out in the sun all day, they take the occasional dip and just look pretty damn cool.
22. What: Frilled Lizard
Latin: Chlamydosaurus kingii
Why: Small little guys that put on a big show when they feel threatened. Comical to watch one of these things run away.
21. What: Snow Leopard
Latin: Uncia uncia
Why: Big furry cat who hangs out with the Yeti in the Himalayas. It’s honoured by Kazakh people and since I’m big on the big cats, this guy needs his habitat protected.
20. What: Razorbill
Latin: Alca torda
Why: I like birds. Coastal bird fascinate me even more. So much likes it’s fell ocean inhabiting neighbour the puffin, the razorbill is another intriguing critter.
19. What: Cougar
Latin: Puma concolor
Why: The cougar, and not the one that hangs out in dimly lit bars either, is awesomeness incarnate. The sound that one of the beasts makes one aware of its presence.
18. What: Cedar Waxwing
Latin: Bombycilla cedrorum
Why: Why is a songbird on the list of my fave animals? Well this guy’s feathers have a wax coating on them protecting it from the rain. It’s got a crazy voice too.
17. What: Red Fox
Latin: Vulpes vulpes
Why: I find the foxhunt a little archaic and idiotic. Turn the fox on one of those damn hounds that are sent to rip them to shreds and they’ll kick it’s ass. These guys are quite the hunters and tend to mark their dwellings in a very pungent urine wash.
16. What: Raccoon
Latin: Procyon lotor
Why: Another maligned animal, especially here in Toronto. I really don’t have any problems with them because they are extraordinarily smart. Props to the bandit for putting up with our shit.
15. What: Appaloosa
Latin: Equus ferus caballus
Why: Horses are an example of nature’s perfection. The appaloosa is one of my favourite breeds due to its markings, but above these animals are majestic both in appearance and spirit.
14. What: Domestic Cat
Latin: Felis catus
Why: I grew up with cats. Never was there a moment where there was not one skulking about the house. They’re independent but there when you need them most.
13. What: Scarlet Macaw
Latin: Ara macao
Why: They’re better off in the wild than chained to some perch. These guys hang out by the dozens in the Amazon and in an environment so rich in green the stark red is a welcomed contrast.
12. What: Saltwater Crocodile
Latin: Crocodylus porosus
Why: Vicious hunters, cunning killers the crocodile has fascinated me since elementary school. Their eyes are just as soulless as a sharks, but all the more craftier.
11. What: Killer Whale
Latin: Orcinus orca
Why: These guys are also better off left alone in the wild. But practically speaking you can’t free Shamu because she’s been raised in captivity. Majestic in the ocean and humourous when they play with their food.
10. What: Osprey
Latin: Pandion haliaetus
Why: Raptors are a great, useful part of any ecosystem. A few years back the osprey was threatened by DDT when they were laying thin-shelled, infertile eggs. The situation has been remedied since the banning of the substance.
9. What: Bengal Tiger
Latin: Panthera tigris tigris
Why: You know what pisses me off, people killing these guys because they took out one person. Last thing I check there’s more of us then bengals, so tigers are just thinning our herd that continually encroaches on their territory. Can you blame them?
8. What: Ring-tailed Lemur
Latin: Lemur catta
Why: Crazy looking dudes who inhabit Madagascar. Apparently Kirstie Alley has a few of these guys. They’re quite comical to watch.
7. What: Palomino
Latin: Equus ferus caballus
Why: Horses kick ass. I’ve got not much else to say. See appaloosa for further detail.
6. What: Horned Puffin
Latin: Fratercula corniculata
Why: One of three types of puffins. These guys are just as cute, but they’re a little bit pudgier than their East Coast brethren.
5. What: Bald Eagle
Latin: Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Why: A symbol of strength and nobility the bald eagle is quite the sight to see while in flight. I had that opportunity when I was out in Alberta to see a bald eagle flying.
4. What: Leopard
Latin: Panthera pardus pardus
Why: I had a stuffed leopard (toy) growing up instead of a teddy bear, so it was a part of the fabric in my upbringing.
3. What: Ocelot
Latin: Leopardus pardalis
Why: A smaller more delicate cat, the ocelot’s markings and mysteriousness lured me in when I was growing up. I find it disturbing the poor critter is being ravaged for its fur, as in the past it was worshipped by the Moche people of old Peru.
2. What: Gray Wolf
Latin: Canis lupus
Why: Misunderstood and really the most sociable animal on the planet. Wolves are the last of the great communicators and are a welcomed voice in the wilderness with their calls. I dig them and everything they stand for.
1. What: Atlantic Puffin
Latin: Fratercula arctica
Why: Those who know me, know I like puffins. These comical guys are quite the funky bird and really have become a symbol of who I am. Why Atlantic first? The bills during mating season rock.

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