OFSAA hunt is on for A.Y. Jackson Jaguars

HAVING A BIRD: Boys Double A Leo Quin returns a York Mills shot while teammate Sam Choi looks on.
HAVING A BIRD: Boys Double A Leo Quin returns a York Mills shot while teammate Sam Choi looks on.

Badminton crew win six of 10 matches over visiting Titans

A.Y. Jackson Jaguars are stalking OFSAA.

Hosting a badminton battle for second place in the North Region’s East Division March 29, the Jags snatched six of 10 matches to claim a 11-5 victory over the York Mills Titans.

A.Y. Jackson coach Andy Rustin was encouraged by his squad’s bird control and tenacity at the net.

“Ironically, this is our best game of the season,” he said. “The people who were expected to do good went through.”

Boys Doubles A and B are two of those teams expected to advance as Sam Choi and Leo Quin won 2-1 (14-21, 21-19, 21-16) as did Frank Fu and Michael Liu 21-7, 21-9.

On the main card between Titans racketman Steve Li and A.Y. Jackson’s Matthew Lai, a tough back-and-forth match captivated spectators.

Lai overcame Li with quick hands, downing his York Mills visitor 23-21, 21-14.

Jaguars’ Lai was enthused by his prowess at the net, saying he is looking for an opening at OFSAA.

“It was pretty good,” he said. “I think (York Mills) was the hardest match we had to play.

“I’m trying to keep fit because my main problem is stamina so I’m trying to work on that part and trying to make as little unforced errors as possible.”

Another Jaguars victor — and hopeful to return to B-Flight competition at OFSAA — was Nikki Chen who walloped her opponent Amanda Siu 21-9, 21-8.

“I’m hoping I can go up and do something in A-Flight,” she said, with a laugh. “Compared to last year maybe stay at the same level, or improve.”

Even though she took her match in two sets, she did so on a bum ankle, which was twisted the Friday before.

She said she wasn’t in pain, but noted she would probably feel her hard work later in the night.

Also on the winning side for the Jaguars were mixed doubles Jeff Law with Samantha Chen (21-10, 21-7) and Aleck Wu with Susanna Lee (21-13, 21-10).

When it came to the Titans, an unfortunate theft set the tone for their game within the first ten minutes of play.

Head coach Anna Wong said one of her player’s designer jeans were lifted from the changeroom at A.Y. Jackson.

Add six losses to a rival and the result was a silent bench.

Still, Wong was pleased with her team’s performance regardless of the shot to morale and said they are not out of regional final competition just yet.

“It’d be better if they won,” she said. “I’m happy if they win or lose because they tried.”

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