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UMM – Rebecca Marshall

Rebecca Marshall, UMM Winter 2010

Starlet Rebecca Marshall is unforgettable.

Just ask actor Cary Elwes, as Marshall shared her first encounter with the original Saw star while filming Saw 3D.

“I only got to spend one day on-set with Elwes and I ended up spilling chicken noodle soup all over him”, the Toronto-born actress said. “I think I left a mark, and it was really hot. I think he’ll remember me as the chicken noodle soup girl.”

Funny anecdote aside, Marshall was on hand to promote the seventh film of the Saw franchise at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

For Marshall, partaking in Jigsaw’s horrorfest was somewhat of a creature comfort, as it was shot in her birthplace.

“Saw was a great experience because I got to be home in Toronto with my family as well as doing what I love,” she said.

T.O. was also where she started acting, appearing in commercials and music videos. After performing in Canadian shows her agent suggested a trip to Los Angeles.

“I went to L.A. and I think my first audition was for Troy with Brad Pitt which was really overwhelming,” she said. “You go from auditioning for small projects and then you get to L.A. and your first interview is to meet the casting director for a Brad Pitt movie.

“It was like a lot of pressure,” she added. “I didn’t know what to expect or how to handle it.”

Seven years later, after cutting her teeth on West Wing, CSI: Miami and Shark, Marshall is happy to be part of the ‘Saw’ franchise’s cult following.

“I read blogs about what people are saying and they’re like ‘Oh my god, this character,’ and they have the whole character mapped out,” she said. “I’m like, ‘They’re so off’. It’s really interesting to see what people are writing on the blog because Saw has such a huge fan base.”

Given the choice of doing television or film, Marshall gets chills talking big screen.

“I think my passion is doing films,” she said. “There’s something that I love about doing a film: The whole process of it as well as the thrill of being on a project for a certain amount of time.”

For now Marshall’s happy to be staying in motion, not a far cry from her childhood.

“My family moved a lot when I was young so I’m the kid that lived everywhere,” she said.

Toronto, in her heart, is home especially when it’s hockey season.

“When I was six, instead of watching cartoons and playing with Barbie’s I was watching Leafs games with my dad,” she said, adding she donned her Wendal Clark jersey while watching Canada’s sport.

Now living in the Pacific Palisades of L.A., she’s still watching hockey, but she’s added basketball to the sports diet.

When asked if she prefers the Lakers or her hometown Raptors she opts for neither.

“Actually the Clippers,” she said with a laugh.

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