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Top 25 X-Files Episodes

The time is nigh for an X-Files return.

As a teen, I grew up with the show. In fact, and high school classmate in Grade 9, told me about the show since I had an affinity for all things paranormal. I missed the first three episodes, but thanks to Darlene’s direction, The X-Files quickly became my favourite show.

To this day, my finicky nature regarding TV has not been sated. There are some shows that came close, like Lost or The River, which lasted only four episodes. Even Gotham hasn’t been able to hold my interest.

Though I wasn’t particularly keen on the alien story arc, X-Files captivated my teenage imagination. What I did like was the exploration of various urban legends, myths and fortean phenomenon that have amassed over time. Everything from the tulpa of Tibetan folklore to Indian fakirs. There was voodoo, astral projections and hell, even the tired trope of a possessed doll, thanks to Stephen King.

Here are my favourite episodes.

25. BB-Top-25-X-Files-25 Episode: “Never Again”
Season: Four
Premise: Scully hooks up with a divorced father who is controlled by his Sailor Jerry pinup tattoo
Phenomenon: Ergot poisoning
Special Guests: Jodie Foster (voice)
24. BB-Top-25-X-Files-24 Episode: “Drive”
Season: Six
Premise: Mulder attempts to drive a man to the west coast in order to relieve the pressure in his head caused by an incessant humming
Phenomenon: ELF waves
Special Guests: Bryan Cranston
23. BB-Top-25-X-Files-23 Episode: “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas”
Season: Six
Premise: Two ghosts have some fun at Mulder and Scully’s expense on Christmas Eve
Phenomenon: Ghosts
Special Guests: Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin
22. BB-Top-25-X-Files-22 Episode: “Quagmire”
Season: Three
Premise: An unknown critter at a Georgian lake decides to hit the beach for new meals
Phenomenon: Cryptozoology
Special Guests: Chris Ellis, Tyler Labine and Mark Acheson
21. BB-Top-25-X-Files-21 Episode: “Small Potatoes”
Season: Four
Premise: A janitor, with a tail, at a fertility clinic uses his ability to change appearance to get five separate women pregnant
Phenomenon: Shape-shifter
Special Guests: Christine Cavanaugh
20. BB-Top-25-X-Files-20 Episode: “Salvage”
Season: Eight
Premise: Scully and Doggett investigate a series of murders allegedly committed by a man of steel
Phenomenon: Man made of metal
Special Guests: Wade Williams
19. BB-Top-25-X-Files-19 Episode: “Excelcis Dei”
Season: Two
Premise: Mulder and Scully uncover an experimental janitor who grows ‘shrooms for the elderly denizens of a long-term care facility
Phenomenon: Ghosts
Special Guests: Teryl Rothery, Eric Christmas and Frances Bay
18. BB-Top-25-X-Files-18 Episode: “Triangle”
Season: Six
Premise: Mulder hops aboard the Queen Anne, a ship that has been missing since the start WWII, and tries to convince the British on board it’s 1998 — then the Nazis come
Fortean Phenomenon: Bermuda Triangle
Special Guests: The usual suspects
17. BB-Top-25-X-Files-17 Episode: “Unruhe”
Season: Four
Premise: A serial killer picks his victims by the bizarre photos of them that he develops
Phenomenon: Thought photographs
Special Guests: Pruitt Taylor Vince
16. BB-Top-25-X-Files-16 Episode: “X-Cops”
Season: Seven
Premise: Shot a la Cops, Mulder and Scully try to track down an entity that alters its appearance based on the fears of its victims
Phenomenon: Shape-shifter
Special Guests: Judson Mills
15. BB-Top-25-X-Files-15 Episode: “Die Hand Die Verletzt”
Season: Two
Premise: High school teachers knowingly summon a demon and the students get used as collateral damage
Fortean Phenomenon: Demon
Special Guests: Susan Blommaert and Dan Butler
14. BB-Top-25-X-Files-14 Episode: “The Host”
Season: Two
Premise: A Russian sailor is killed by something in the ballast water, which eventually gets dumped into the waters near Newark, N.J.
Fortean Phenomenon: Chernobyl Fallout (Flukeman)
Special Guests: Gabrielle Rose
13. BB-Top-25-X-Files-13 Episode: “4-D”
Season: Nine
Premise: A serial killer uses a rip in time to kill one dimension’s Reyes and put the same dimension’s Doggett into a bed for life
Phenomenon: Parallel Universe
Special Guests: Cary Elwes
12. BB-Top-25-X-Files-12 Episode: “Je Souhaite”
Season: Seven
Premise: Mulder unrolls a 500-year-old genie and is granted three wishes
Phenomenon: Djinn
Special Guests: Kevin Weisman and Will Sasso
11. BB-Top-25-X-Files-11 Episode: “Kaddish”
Season: Four
Premise: A grieving widow summons her husband from the grave as a golem to exact revenge on the neo-Nazis who killed him
Phenomenon: Golem
Special Guests: Justine Miceli and David Groh
10. BB-Top-25-X-Files-10 Episode: “Syzygy”
Season: Three
Premise: Two high school girls run amok in a small town during a rare planetary alignment
Phenomenon: Planetary Alignment, Telekinesis
Special Guests: Ryan Reynolds, Gabrielle Miller, Lisa Robin Kelly and Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
9. BB-Top-25-X-Files-09 Episode: “Darkness Falls”
Season: One
Premise: Loggers uncover a dormant insect that glows green as it descends on its victims
Phenomenon: Cryptozoology
Special Guests: Titus Weller
8. BB-Top-25-X-Files-08 Episode: “D.P.O.”
Season: Three
Premise: A young, angry man, with a crush on his high school teacher, has the ability to control electricity
Fortean Phenomenon: Control of Electricity
Special Guests: Karen Witter, Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black
7. BB-Top-25-X-Files-07 Episode: “Chinga”
Season: Five
Premise: Bad things happen to people when a young girl’s doll opens its eyes
Phenomenon: Evil Doll
Special Guests: Stephen King (writer)
6. BB-Top-25-X-Files-06 Episode: “Folie à Deux”
Season: Five
Premise: An office worker suspects that his boss is a bizarre, insect-like creature sucking the life out of his workers
Phenomenon: The insanity of two
Special Guests: Brian Markinson
5. BB-Top-25-X-Files-05 Episode: “Arcadia”
Season: Six
Premise: Mulder and Scully pose as a couple in a gated community that has a ridiculous amount of rules to follow, and if they don’t follow them, they get visited by a monster
Phenomenon: Tulpa
Special Guests: Abraham Benrubi
4. BB-Top-25-X-Files-04 Episode: “The Calusari”
Season: Two
Premise: A toddler is killed and all fingers point to the imaginary friend of the tot’s older brother
Phenomenon: Possession
Special Guests: Lilyan Chauvin
3. BB-Top-25-X-Files-03 Episode: “Field Trip”
Season: Six
Premise: Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate two picked-clean bodies on a hillside
Phenomenon: Giant man-eating mushroom
Special Guests: Jim Beaver, Robyn Lively and David Denman
2. BB-Top-25-X-Files-02 Episode: “Død Kalm”
Season: Two
Premise: Mulder and Scully hitch a ride with a Norwegian fisherman to the USS Ardent, which has been aging people prematurely
Phenomenon: Time Loss
Special Guests: John Savage and David Cubitt
1. BB-Top-25-X-Files-01 Episode: “Home”
Season: Four
Premise: The body of a newborn is discovered by local kids at a sandlot. Mulder and Scully come in to the bucolic little town to help Sherriff Andy Taylor handle a family of inbreds
Phenomenon: Homicidal inbreds
Special Guests: Tucker Smallwood

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