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The Five Songs of 2023

It’s a tradition of mine to go through the year in music and pull out my five favourite songs.

In the past, I’ve rued the fact that I don’t stay as connected to new music because the way I consume it is outdated. (I use iTunes and still buy CDs.; I know ironic given I’m all about the environment.)

I could opine how we’ve become a throwaway society regarding music, much like how we consume technology. But, that’s for another day and when I’m not consumed by writing about insurance for my day job, and the paranormal for my moonlighting side hustle.

I’ll keep it short this year, and offer up my Top Five Songs of 2023:

Song: “Black Moonlight”
Album: Danse Macabre
Artist: Duran Duran
Release: September 21, 2023
Why: Duran Duran has been with me since my early days in the 1980s. Add in the spiritualist inspiration for their music video and it’s the complete nostalgic package.
Song: “Another Celebration at the End of the World”
Album: Mammoth II
Artist: Mammoth WVH
Release: March 22, 2023
Why: Wolfgang Van Halen keeps his dad’s spirit alive with his heavy guitar riffs with the accompanying drums of Garrett Whitlock.
Song: “Desire”
Album: Heartbeat Highway
Artist: Cannons
Release: November 10, 2023
Why: The Cannons are an ethereal pop lounge act out of L.A. and have caught my attention. With a pure 1980s vibe and a svelte lead singer in Michelle Joy, these guys are the dreamiest synthwave you’ll ever experience.
Song: “Pink Slip”
Album: Asking For a Ride
Artist: White Reaper
Release: January 27, 2023
Why: Who’da thunk it that Kentucky would churn out a post-punk lo-fi quintet. But these guys rock hard, and have been since 2019 with their big hit, “Might Be Right”.
Song: “Wasteland”
Album:Lord of the Flies & Birds & Bees
Artist: Talk
Release: November 20, 2023
Why: If you’ve played as much MLB The Show 23 as I have, you’ve probably heard “Wasteland” by the Ottawa rocker Nicholas Durocher, a.k.a. Talk. It’s a solid rock jam, and probably the only one outside of Thin Lizzy from the video game.

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