The Five

The Five Songs of 2021

It’s been a habit of mine to compile a list of my favourite songs released in a given year.

Well, 2021 was an even crazier year than 2020, but thankfully those dedicated to their craft of music were able to release new music.

That’s what I’ve been thankful for throughout the whole pandemic. Being immunocompromised has left me with few options for an escape.

Song: “See Me”
Album: Single
Artist: RoRo
Release: October 25, 2021
Why: Heavy on the bass; throwing rhymes like punches. I caught it in an iPhone commercial and it stuck.
Song: “White Buffalo”
Album: Odyssey, Vol. 1
Artist: Crown Lands
Release: July 8, 2021
Why: I feel there’s just a hint of Rush-influence in this Canadian duo’s rhythms. Regardless, they make rock live again north of the border.
Song: “Leave the Door Open”
Album: An Evening with Silk Sonic
Artist: Silk Sonic
Release: March 5, 2021
Why: Slick R&B vibes that send a listener back to Detroit in the late 1960s. Ain’t nuthin’ smoother than a newborn jam.
Song: “No Love in LA”
Album: Single
Artist: Palaye Royale
Release: July 9, 2021
Why: Great rock jam infused with the essence of the glam era of the mid-1970s. The days of T.Rex and Bowie are finding their way back into rock with outfits like The Struts and Palaye Royale picking up on it.
Song: “Freedom”
Album: We Are
Artist: Jon Batiste
Release: March 19, 2021
Why: There’s a soulful sound to Jon Batiste’s vocals, and I never knew he was on The Last Show with Stephen Colbert.

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