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The Five Songs of 2018

Perhaps when one gets older, and they hear enough music, they begin to realize there isn’t much that’s new.

It’s like that with any industry. In an interview I had with fashion maven Jeanne Beker, she mentioned there really hasn’t been anything done, recently, that she hasn’t seen before.

Unless you do a deep dive into the recesses of authentic, independent music, you’re not going to get that, because mainstream means it’s safe for those putting the money in for investment.

Some of the ditties I did hear reflected the influences of Parliament, Prince and the hair metal of the ’80s. There would be Kali Uchis, Janelle Monae and Ghost.

Still, I have to admit, I dig Monae’s “Make Me Feel for all its Prince-ness. And I find “Wide Awake” by Parquet Courts a decent little tune.

Without further ado, however, here are my five favourite songs from 2018.

Song: “Say Something”
AlbumMan of the Woods
Artist: Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton
Release: January 25, 2018
Why: Hip hop, pop and the twang of Chris Stapleton’s guitar. My wife is the J.T. fan, but there are some good tunes. This is one of them. The other being “Drink You Away”.
Song: “Feels Like Summer”
AlbumSummer Pack
Artist: Childish Gambino
Release: July 11, 2018
Why: The video is a tip of the hat to the hip hop and R&B world. Great rhythm. Great use of ambient noise plus mixing the acoustics with the vocals.
Song: “Gold Rush”
AlbumThank You For Today
Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Release: June 13, 2018
Why: The echoing “Gold rush” from the background vocals really give this tune from veteran rockers Death Cab that haunting resonance.
Song: “High Horse”
AlbumGolden Hour
Artist: Kacey Musgraves
Release: March 30, 2018
Why: Disco and country. Is this a serious mashup? You bet and Musgraves really rides into it on her high horse.
Song: “Body Talks”
AlbumYoung & Dangerous
Artist: The Struts
Release: October 26, 2018
Why: I prefer the original, Kesha-less, version of this song. Though either way it kicks the strutting rooster, Freddie Mercury raw energy, up another octave.

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