The Five

The Five Doctor Stranges

Johnny Depp is in talks with Marvel (hint Disney) to play Dr. Stephen Strange.

Though I like Depp and his various incarnations of dope fiends, bumbling pirates, toeing-the-line First Nations and troubled anti-heroes, I find Hollywood goes to the A-list well far too often.

For a change, lets throw some young up-in-comers into the would-be superhero role shall we? Dr. Strange is one of my favourite Marvel Universe denizens, and his continual battles against Baron Mordo, Nightmare and Dormammu are the perfect wet dream environments for CGI studios.

Which begs the question: Will Dr. Strange be turned into a miserable, let’s-do-this-just-for-the-money picture like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance?

Let’s pray to the Ancient One that doesn’t happen.

5. 05-Johnny-Depp Who: Johnny Depp
From: Public Enemies, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lone Ranger
Why: I don’t mind Depp for the role of Dr. Strange, and he’s the one Disney has been in talks with, but I fear they may turn the movie into a gong show if Dr. Gonzo works with Bruckheimer or Gillam.
4. 04-Hamish-Linklater Who: Hamish Linklater
From: Fantastic Four, 42 and “The Crazy Ones”
Why: Though he plays a gangly intellect on Robin Williams’ new sitcom “The Crazy Ones” I see a streak of arrogance in Linklater that would be perfect for the pre-Agamotto Strange.
3. 03-Ewan-McGregor Who: Ewan McGregor
From: The Island, Big Fish and Angels and Demons
Why: Dr. Strange certainly blathers some tongue twisters, and who else to play one who is trippingly with the tongue than McGregor. If he grows a beard and dyes his hair, he’ll be ideal.
2. 02-Emile-Hirsch Who: Emile Hirsch
From: Into the Wild, Lone Survivor and Savages
Why: The problem with Disney/Marvel is they go with the safe choices for castings. I say give one of the young guns a shot at herodom, and my off-the-cuff choice is Emile Hirsch. He looks the part, and has played the good-guy beneath an arrogant man-child before.
1. 01-Jude-Law Who: Jude Law
From: Cold Mountain, Sherlock Holmes and Side Effects
Why: My pick for the best in physical appearance, best in arrogance and best in mysticism is Jude Law. Sure he’s British, but he’s my pick to be the Doc.

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