The Five

The Five Common Sayings

We all have unique turns of phrase or words we use in our every day discourse.

Some folks are more inclined to use token phrases that titillate them more than others. In an effort to keep this list PG-13, I’ve included my five most uttered phrases.

For those that know me, perhaps you can offer a few that I missed from here.

5. BB-5s-Sayings-04 Phrase: “Chi-chi frou-frou”
Origin: University
Why: I’m not a fan of bells and whistles. I don’t get weak in the knees talking about computer specs, car parts or accessorizing my outfits. When something seems frivolous or highfalutin to me, I refer to it as chi-chi frou-frou. The fancy drinks at Starbucks are often my target for this adjectival phrase.
4. BB-5s-Sayings-05 Phrase: “Left-wing pinko”
Origin: Journalism career
Why: I have to thank one of my former editors, Dan Hoddinott, for introducing me to this term. I’m not into political extremes — left or right — but when referencing someone on the extreme left, this will dance from my vocal chords along with bleeding heart, liberal elite and chattering class.
3. BB-5s-Sayings-03 Phrase: “Piss like a racehorse”
Origin: High school
Why: “My back teeth are floating” seems to disturb the missus, so I tend to be more sporty with my announcements. It’s a term I picked up from my dad — “Go pound sand” is another — and it’s stuck with me ever since my teen years.
2. BB-5s-Sayings-02 Phrase: “Ain’t that swell”
Origin: High School
Why: Whenever a sentimental moment is about to occur in a movie or television series — say a kiss, or hugging-it-out — I tend to mutter, “Ain’t that swell”. Most of the time it’s just above the level of inaudible, but enough to exasperate fellow movie watchers.
1. BB-5s-Sayings-01 Phrase: “Right on”
Origin: Journalism career
Why: Enthusiasm goes a long way when interviewing people. But, whenever I transcribe my interviews I find I say “Right on” or “Rock on” (depending on the subject), far too often. It’s not an empty comment. I’m being genuine when I utter it. I just do it far too much.

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