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The Five Supermodel Music Videos

During the 1990s, the supermodel reigned supreme.

Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista were everywhere. That also meant these pop culture icons would network with other pop culture icons, like rock stars.

Stephanie Seymour dated Axl Rose. Rachel Hunter dated, and subsequently married, Rod Stewart. Christie Brinkley married Billy Joel. And Paulina Porizkova tied the knot with the Cars’ Ric Ocasek.

Call them muses. Call them arm candy. Supermodels eventually became subject to music videos, and continue to do so to this day. Take Kate Moss in the White Stripes’ “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”.

Here are my Top 5 picks for music videos with supermodels in them. The music has to be good, the directorial eye for the video has to be at least adequate, and the models have to be known for their lives outside of the videos.

5. What: “Stacy’s Mom”
By: Fountains of Wayne (video directed by Chris Applebaum)
When: 2003
Who: Rachel Hunter
Why: The band tips their hats to the 1980s with this adolescent romp in MILF territory. A Fast Times at Ridgemount High homage and clear references to the Cars and Van Halen makes this spectacle more memorable than the band.
4. What: “Love Foolosophy”
By: Jamiroquai (video directed by Jason Smith)
When: 2001
Who: Heidi Klum
Why: A Rolls Royce, an Afghan hound and big fur coats build up the player that Jay Kay is in this video. The best part, Klum dumps her suitor into the pool.
3. What: “November Rain”
By: Guns N’ Roses (video directed by Andrew Morahan)
When: 1992
Who: Stephanie Seymour
Why: Growing up as a teen, my crush on Cindy Crawford seemed to overshadow the one I had for San Diego-born Seymour. Aside from Seymour, Slash has a wicked guitar solo.
2. What: “Wicked Game”
By: Chris Isaak (video directed by Herb Ritts)
When: 1990
Who: Helena Christensen
Why: Black and white romp on a Hawaiian beach. Herb Ritts always worked better sans hue.
1. What: “Freedom! ’90”
By: George Michael (video directed by David Fincher)
When: 1990
Who: Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Tatjana Patitz
Why: When I think supermodels and music videos this song is the first that comes to mind. George Michael broke all artistic rules by failing to appear in the video.

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