Living room a sanctuary for TV host

When it comes to kicking off the tango shoes, there’s no better place for Leah Miller to do it than in her living room.

Kept on her toes as host of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and as a VJ at MuchMusic, Miller finds the heart of her home best for rest and relaxation.

“The one thing I want to do when I get home is just sit and do nothing,” she says.

And with the best couch ever, according to Miller, it’s hard to avoid visiting the Sandman after a long day’s work.

“I fall asleep on (the couch) quite often while I’m watching TV,” she says. “I love my living room just because it’s relaxing.”

The star performer of the set though is a big, brown blanket. Acting as a surrogate teddy bear, the king-sized bed cover keeps Miller and musician hubby Dallas Green warm.

“Oh my gosh the blanket is massive,” she says. “The one side is velvety and the other side is this fur stuff.

“You can fit like seven people under it. If you opened it up, it could reach all the way across our couch.”

Another plus is the room’s neutral, earthy tone as it appeals to both Miller and Green’s decorating tastes.

“My husband and I have the same type of style, which is nice because in a lot of different relationships one person likes one thing and the other has a totally different taste,” she says. “But we’re on the same page.

“It’s very simple, comfortable — our house is very cosy.”

And being married to Alexisonfire’s frontman is nothing to fret about.

“We have lots of guitars in our house,” Miller says. “They’re hanging on every wall.

“I think in every room there are guitars hanging from the walls, so that (Dallas) can just pick them up and play them.”

But sometimes, Miller admits, the couple is too snug in their comfy corner, especially when it comes to table manners.

“We don’t even sit at our kitchen table,” she says, with a laugh. “We usually sit and eat in front of the TV, which is a very bad habit but that’s what we do.”

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