Dreams do come true for Don Mills resident

GOING DEEP: Don Mills resident Shawn Gore has no doubts he’ll impress CFL scouts at the combine this March, adding it would be a dream come true to play for the Argonauts.

Being drafted by the Toronto Argonauts in May would be an excellent birthday gift for 22-year-old Shawn Gore.
Turning 23 in April, the Don Mills native is prepping for the CFL Evaluation Camp March 12-14 and looks to impress scouts with his skills at wide receiver.

The Bishop’s University senior has no doubts he’ll put on a fine show, as he was hand-selected by the Argos for the combine.

“I am extremely confident about how I will perform,” he said. “I’m not worried about anything. I’m just excited and ready to go.”

Before his days of running routs at his Sherbrooke, Que. university, where he majors in sociology, he was a student at Don Mills Collegiate.

But with a lack of a football program, he went from being a Bruin to a North Star. The move to new digs was far from a dropped pass for the younger receiver.

“Not only was it for the benefit of being able to play football at Newtonbrook, it was also for the change,” he said. “I got a change in scenery for my grade 12 year and then of course I got to play and it was one of the best decisions of my life.”

He didn’t always catch the ball though. When he first started playing he was on other side of the field as a corner.

“I think that’s where I got some of my drive, on special teams and make tackles — a physical endeavor and physical position,” he said.

Now with a full résumé including his high school experience, time with Toronto Wildcats and donning the purple and grey as a Gaiter, he’s ready to go deep for a CFL career.

“I’ve been training in Burlington right now with Sports Specific Training,” he said. “They’ve got me prepared for all the testing, all the drills, all the football work.”

He’ll also be meeting up with one of his fellow North Stars who is now a defensive tackle with Michigan State University, J’Michael Deane.

“Deane will be going to the combine also and I was in a few (high school) classes with him and we had a blast,” Gore said.

And what happens when the Double Blue come calling on draft day?

“I can’t even explain it. It would be one of the most amazing dreams come true,” he said. “If I’m at home where all my friends, family and supporters are, it’d just be something else.”

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