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Top 25 Comic Book Artists

Some of my columns for the Town Crier, as of late, have focused on comic book art.

Toronto has such a rich comic book scene, and of course, we don’t need Margaret Atwood’s gravitas to make the artform legitimate. Of course, that was an ax to grind for me, and I did so subtly.

Still, I grew up reading comic books, digging the artwork and the characters. Sure there’s a cheesecake factor to the work from the ’90s, and now, but regardless comics were a world I dipped into as a teen and even now, on occasion.

For me, I’m more of a polished, realist comic book fan. Abstract stuff, although it’s great art, doesn’t attract my eye as much. Sorry Mignola, Miller.

Here are my Top 25 favourite comic book artists.

25. Top-25-CBA-Jusko Artist: Joe Jusko
Milieu:  Tomb Raider, The Savage Sword of Conan
The Best: Heavy Metal
Period: 1977 — Present
24. Top-25-CBA-Kubert Artist: Andy Kubert
Milieu: Ghost Rider, X-Men
The Best: Batman
Period: 1984 –Present
23. Top-25-CBA-Byrne Artist: John Byrne
Milieu: She Hulk, Spider-Man
The Best: Batman
Period: 1974 — Present
22. Top-25-CBA-Yardin Artist: David Yardin
Milieu: Gambit, X-Men
The Best: Thunderbolts
Period: 2001 — Present
21. Top-25-CBA-Ng Artist: Joe Ng
Milieu: Street Fighter, Transformers
The Best: G.I. Joe
Period: 2004 — Present
20. Top-25-CBA-Davis Artist: Alan Davis
Milieu: Avengers, Fantastic Four
The Best: Excalibur
Period: 1985 — Present
19. Top-25-CBA-Finch Artist: David Finch
Milieu: Cyberforce, Daredevil
The Best: Batman
Period: 1993 — Present
18. Top-25-CBA-Mayhew Artist: Mike Mayhew
Milieu: Avengers, Justice League
The Best: Spider-Man
Period: 1992 — Present
17. Top-25-CBA-DeBalfo Artist: Mike DeBalfo
Milieu: Grimm Fairy Tales, Lady Death
The Best: Soulfire
Period: 2009 — Present
16. Top-25-CBA-Romita-Jr Artist: John Romita, Jr.
Milieu: Spider-Man, Superman
The Best: Batman
Period: 1977 — Present
15. Top-25-CBA-Melo Artist: Adriana Melo
Milieu: Rose & Thorn, Birds of Prey
The Best: Ms. Marvel
Period: 2003 — Present
14. Top-25-CBA-Silvestri Artist: Marc Silvestri
Milieu: X-Men, Cyberforce
The Best: Shi
Period: 1987 — Present
13. Top-25-CBA-Hughes Artist: Adam Hughes
Milieu: Ghost, Gen13
The Best: Wonder Woman
Period: 1994 — Present
12. Top-25-CBA-Benes Artist: Ed Benes
Milieu: Birds of Prey, Superman
The Best: WildC.A.T.S.
Period: 1997 — Present
11. Top-25-CBA-Brooks Artist: Mark Brooks
Milieu: Cable and Deadpool, Ultimate X-Men
The Best: Spider-Man
Period: 2002 — Present
10. Top-25-CBA-Cho Artist: Frank Cho
Milieu: Mighty Avengers, Shanna the She-Devil
The Best: Liberty Meadows
Period: 1998 — Present
9. Top-25-CBA-Dodson Artist: Terry Dodson
Milieu: X-Men, Harley Quinn
The Best: Spider-Man and the Black Cat
Period: 1991 — Present
8. Top-25-CBA-Rio Artist: Al Rio
Milieu: Gen13, Grimm Fairy Tales
The Best: Captain America
Period: Early 1990s — 2012 (Death)
7. Top-25-CBA-McFarlane Artist: Todd McFarlane
Milieu: Spider-Man
The Best: Spawn
Period: 1987 — 2012
6. Top-25-CBA-Campbell Artist: J. Scott Campbell
Milieu: Gen 13, Spider-Man
The Best: Danger Girl
Period: 1993 — Present
5. Top-25-CBA-Turner Artist: Michael Turner
Milieu: Batman, Superman
The Best: Supergirl
Period: 1998 — 2008 (Death)
4. Top-25-CBA-Land Artist: Greg Land
Milieu: X-Men, Birds of Prey, Sojourn
The Best: X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong
Period: 1999 — Present
3. Top-25-CBA-Horn Artist: Greg Horn
Milieu: Emma Frost, Ms. Marvel
The Best: She Hulk
Period: 2004 — Present
2. Top-25-CBA-Lee Artist: Jim Lee
Milieu: X-Men, Batman: Hush
The Best: Batman: Hush
Period: 1989 — Present
1. Top-25-CBA-Lau Artist: Stanley Lau
Milieu: Street Fighter, Birds of Prey
The Best: Black Cat
Period: 2004 — Present



  1. Brian, I am so flattered to have made your list! Thank you! One note; you have my active years ending in 2007. Since 2007 I was the regular cover artist on Dynamite’s Warlord of Mars comics, painting over 50 covers and have just completed 135 new Marvel Masterpieces paintings. Lots of other stuff, as well. Still alive and kicking’! lol