Etobicoke Rams track star lives in the fast lane

BRENT SCHEIBELHUT celebrates as he crosses the 1500 metre finish line in first at the City Championships on May 19.

Brent Scheibelhut is off to OFSAA with two golds in 1500 and 3000

Brent Scheibelhut went the distance on the track for Etobicoke CI and won.

The 16-year-old Ram is turning heads on the racetrack, taking first in the boys 1500 and 3000 metre races at both the regional and city finals.

Track coach Jim O’Reilly said it’s all because his junior racer is one disciplined athlete.

“He’s a really conscientious runner and athlete, by that I mean he’ll always work on the fundamentals that will make him a better runner,” he said. “He’s not going to take shortcuts.

“If there’s a technique or training session that’s going to help him get better, he’ll do it.”

But Scheibelhut says it’s endorphins that gets his heart rushing.

“The thing I probably love the most about running is after the race, you just feel so good because you’ve got your exercise and if you are running fast, got a good time, you feel really happy,” he said. “You get, I guess what they call it is a runner’s high.”

But with his results at the Toronto West Region track meet May 10-11, Scheibelhut posted times of 4:24.00 in the 1500 and 9:50.56 in the 3000.

“It’s probably tougher to qualify for OFSAA than in track than in cross country because there’s no teams,” he said before the city championships. “I’m also to just looking forward to a really good experience because I always find in the cities you get the private and Catholic as well.”

But his worries were erased. On May 19-20, he once again crossed the finish in first, with 4:17.47 and about 9:31 in the 3000 in. With those scores it means he’s off to London, Ont. for OFSAA.

“He’s made OFSAA twice in cross country and we’re expecting twice in track this year and that’s an amazing achievement for a kid,” O’Reilly said.

It doesn’t just stop with the Ontarios though.

Next year will present a new challenge for the grade 10 student, as Scheibelhut will be racing at the senior level.

“Hopefully, I will continue with my running career and continue to do well,” he said. “I’ll be confident next year because I’ll be facing grade 12s as well.”

O’Reilly is also confident, especially given a journey not without bumps and bruises.

“He’s had his fair share of injuries as an athlete, and it takes some determination to keep working through your injuries and stay focused, positive,” he said. “That makes a more mature athlete, a kid who has had to overcome.”

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