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Sara Solomon, UMM Winter 2011

From bicuspids to biceps, the statuesque Sara Solomon knows how to shape both.

The 33-year-old fitness model, who works full time as a dentist in Toronto, has been a pro with the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation for a year and now has her sights set on acting.

“Being a competitor on the WBFF stage, I realized (acting) was something that revs my engines,” she says. “I’m keen on starting to pursue that.”

How fitness competitions piqued her interest in a stage of a different sort was she’s allowed to be theatrical.

“I have a histrionic side to me and I think that’s what more people would know me for,” she admits.

That’s apparent as in previous WBFF competitions she donned the Wonder Woman and Lara Croft togs.

“A lot of preparatory work goes into going on stage,” she says. “It’s not just training and diet, you have to be able to carry yourself on stage and sell yourself to the crowd. That’s not something you necessarily learn in dental school.”

The McGill grad started her fitness and academic careers as a fitness trainer and got her first degree in physiotherapy. For Solomon, nutrition is the touchstone to good health.

“I give equal attention to the training, which is the cardio vascular and the strength training and I give tremendous attention to my nutrition because 80 percent of what we look like is contingent on our diet,” she says. “You can work out until you are blue in the face but if you don’t have the proper diet you’re not going to get any results.”

While Solomon pursues to satiate her thespian yen, she’ll be continuing to write her blog with close friend Natalie Pennington for Oxygen Magazine.

The two are both dentists, Solomon in the Big Smoke, while Pennington works out of San Francisco.

“We had this idea where we could make this blog where we could talk about what it’s like to be this busy career person who is making time for health and fitness and who also compete,” she says, adding the muscle she’s most proud of is her brain.

“I work hard on that,” she says, with a long laugh.

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