Hot Philosophy: Nicole Arbour

NICOLE ARBOUR, Hot Philosophy, Chrome Magazine, Sept-Oct. 2016


Those are words to live by for Nicole Arbour, the blonde bombshell who creates explosive, comedic rants on YouTube.

The comedian’s earned 200 million views on the video-sharing website, and her “Dear Fat People” diatribe has given her viewers, well, something to chew the fat over.

Arbour, a Hamilton native, is not one to shy away from meaty topics, and that’s why she’s landed a recent interview with Vanity Fair. Pushing the envelope is a part of her life philosophy: have as
much fun as possible, learn not to fight against life and be brave enough to let out all of your creativity.

“I get an adrenalin rush when I upload something that I know is going to hit a nerve because it’s true,” she admits. “It makes me really excited that I get to start the conversation for so many people who are too scared to start it themselves.”

Which brings us to what grinds Arbour’s gears. Those who require trigger warnings, naturally. That means vegans, pro-choice, pro-life, the police, feminists, and pretty much anybody causing a maelstrom in social justice circles.

“It’s really one big thing, and it’s people being offended by everything, and the victim culture that we’ve somehow created and celebrate,” she says. “Teaching everyone they’re equal, special little flowers, and no one should have opinions anymore because opinions are weapons that hurt somebody’s feelings.”

Arbour compares the PC world to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. People are losing their personalities.

Life isn’t always a battle, as Arbour is rooting for everybody — honest.

“I think that if we all cheer for each other, the way we want to be cheered for, it makes life really awesome,” she admits.


Cheer is what Arbour really likes to spread, and she’s even been smitten.

“Everyone that I’ve ever loved it was instant,” she says. “(The feeling’s) almost like, ‘Oh gosh, here we go’.

“I also get that, ‘Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you’.”

There’s also that feeling of déjà vu, which ties in perfectly with her thoughts on the afterlife. That’s right. Arbour tackles life after death too. Given the crash course we live day-in-day-out, there’s just got to be something more for her.

“We get off the roller coaster, go grab some cotton candy and say hi to our relatives and old pets, and get back in line, ready to go again,” she shares. “I just know it’s not the end.”

The goal, however, is to make sure your life is a thrill-ride, and Arbour is a firm believer of it being what we make of it, and that we’re all connected.

“Unhappiness happens in people when they’re disconnected from the rest of us,” she says. “That’s when wars happen. All the bad stuff happens when we stop identifying as we’re all the same.”

Oh, and one other group she feels sad for are atheists.

But have no fear, there’s a big surprise party waiting for them when they die. There’s her bottomless cheer, and of course, with a glint in her eye, there’s always more of it to spread.

“If you go through life not believing in magic, you’re not going to have any.”

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