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HOME-GROWN ENTREPRENEUR: Talia Russo says supporting Canadian manufacturing is “really important to me.” (Brian Baker/Town Crier)
Brian Baker/Town Crier
HOME-GROWN ENTREPRENEUR: Talia Russo says supporting Canadian manufacturing is “really important to me.”

Enterprising actress fed up with boring bikinis, creates her own line
The prevailing winds have carried model-actress Talia Russo into the fashion waters.

Dismayed by the lack of flirty, sexy swimwear in stores during the fall and winter months, the Yonge and Bloor flaneuse, know for her roles in The Rocker with Rainn Wilson and Bull with Maury Chaykin, has taken on the role of swimwear designer.

“I couldn’t find bikinis in the winter or fall,” she said, as a north wind made an impromptu appearance in a Yorkville parkette. “It was so difficult,
and the ones that I did find were so ugly and boring.

“The cuts were all wrong, the colours, fabrics were not cute, flirty and sexy, so I pretty much took matters into my own hands and said, ‘That’s it!
I want my own bikini line.’”

Enter Pink Pearl Bikinis, a homegrown enterprise that has the city on its mind.

“I know what looks good,” the 33-year-old said, excitement bubbling in her voice. “I know what fabrics I like.”

And it is “really important to me” to have everything made in Toronto, she says, because she wants to support Canadian manufacturing.

“We have such good talent and fabrics here in Canada.”

The petite brunette is already in contact with a Toronto manufacturer.

Russo admits the building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh in April was also on her mind when keeping manufacture of the bikinis local.

She assures the price of the Canadian-made attire will not be astronomical, figuring each set will come in under $80.

In addition to the Canadian-made brand, Russo adds her own artistry to each bikini.

“What’s different about this line is they all have jewels that I stick on,” she said.

Russo says she buys the charms that come on the product, but the customer will be able to add different charms to each bikini.

“It’s a bit of a fun and different spin to jewellery.”

Even though she fully expects to “green-light” the fashion project “if all goes well in the finance department,” she says she hasn’t left acting behind.

Her goal is to get a second season of her Around Town show up and running.

Season one of the urban exploration show was carried by CTV 2.

Russo is mum on what else is on her acting agenda, but you might just see her on an episode of Murdoch Mysteries.

“I’ll never stop pursuing (acting), even though it’s hard in Toronto,” she said. “I’m auditioning all of the time.”

As she says that, the wind picks up, pulling her locks out of sorts. She discretely brushes a tress to one side.

“I believe in having fun in life and going after your dreams, always,” she adds, as an sun-shower upstages wind gusts in between the hedgerows.
“Don’t let anything stop you. That’s my motto.”

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