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The Next 25 Album Covers

Album covers are a lost art form.

In my previous Top 25 list, I compiled a list of my 25 favourite covers from over the years. There was a good mix of covers from the 1970s, ’80s and now.

Then I realized through compiling a visual list of album covers on Pinterest that there were more to add to my Top 25.

A solution to that would be to create The Next 25 Album Covers. Enjoy.

50. BB-Top-50-Albums-50 AlbumFrogstomp
Year: 1995
Musical Artist: Silverchair
Cover Artist:
Why: Striking green frog on white background.
49. BB-Top-50-Albums-49 AlbumNews of the World
Year: 1977
Musical Artist: Queen
Cover Artist: Frank Kelly Freas
Why: Science fiction meets classic rock.
48. BB-Top-50-Albums-48 AlbumHope
Year: 2016
Musical Artist: The Strumbellas
Cover Artist: Joel Hustak
Why: Canadians do colour, and bizarre artwork, best.
47. BB-Top-50-Albums-47 AlbumAn End Has A Start
Year: 2007
Musical Artist: The Editors
Cover Artist: Idris Khan
Why: There’s a spectral tingling in the back of my skull when I take a gander at this image.
46. BB-Top-50-Albums-46 AlbumFuture Blues
Year: 1970
Musical Artist: Canned Heat
Cover Artist: Skip Taylor
Why: ‘Murica.
45. BB-Top-50-Albums-45 AlbumSomething/Anything?
Year: 1972
Musical Artist: Todd Rundgren
Cover Artist: Todd Rundgren (concept)
Why: Nothing quite like the pattern of your grandma’s curtains to start you off on a trippy, prog-rock path.
44. BB-Top-50-Albums-44 AlbumPieces of Eight
Year: 1978
Musical Artist: 10cc
Cover Artist: Hipgnosis
Why: Easter Island earrings dangle from the ears of middle-aged women.
43. BB-Top-50-Albums-43 AlbumIn Search of the Lost Chord
Year: 1968
Musical Artist: The Moody Blues
Cover Artist: Philip Travers
Why: Death, life and everything in between.
42. BB-Top-50-Albums-42 AlbumDeceptive Bends
Year: 1977
Musical Artist: 10cc
Cover Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Why: Hero copper-hatted dude. Or is he? Could he be that evil diver ghost from Scooby Doo?
41. BB-Top-50-Albums-41 AlbumThe Roaring Silence
Year: 1976
Musical Artist: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Cover Artist: Shirtsleeve Studio
Why: A mouth inside an ear.
40. BB-Top-50-Albums-40 AlbumTry Anything Once
Year: 1993
Musical Artist: Alan Parsons Project
Cover Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Why: With a name like Storm Thor-ger-son, is it any wonder he’s a rock album cover genius?
39. BB-Top-50-Albums-39 AlbumFrances the Mute
Year: 2005
Musical Artist: Mars Volta
Cover Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Why: Another one from the man who made album covers an artform.
38. BB-Top-50-Albums-38 AlbumCanned Wheat
Year: 1969
Musical Artist: The Guess Who
Cover Artist: ?
Why: Given the Guess Who came from Manitoba, it’s kind of fitting that their fifth album would go prairie.
37. BB-Top-50-Albums-37 Album: …Twice Shy
Year: 1989
Musical Artist: Great White
Cover Artist: Doug Hyun (photographer)
Why: Striking red and white cover, reminiscent of the hair metal days Great White partook in.
36. BB-Top-50-Albums-36 AlbumFool For the City
Year: 1975
Musical Artist: Foghat
Cover Artist: Tony Loew (photographer)
Why: Drummer Roger Earl fishing down a manhole. Different.
35. BB-Top-50-Albums-35 AlbumAqualung
Year: 1971
Musical Artist: Jethro Tull
Cover Artist: Burton Silverman
Why: Great artwork that has been subject of a greater dispute.
34. BB-Top-50-Albums-34 AlbumAgainst the Wind
Year: 1980
Musical Artist: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Cover Artist: Jim Warren
Why: Big-headed horses.
33. BB-Top-50-Albums-33 AlbumCatch a Fire
Year: 1973
Musical Artist: The Wailers
Cover Artist: Rod Dyer and Bob Weiner
Why: An album hinged and cut like a zippo lighter. Novel, epic and something that hasn’t been repeated.
32. BB-Top-50-Albums-32 AlbumNot Fragile
Year: 1974
Musical Artist: Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Cover Artist: John Brott
Why: A bunch of sharp blade edges and gears in a big wooden box. A working class man’s wet dream.
31. BB-Top-50-Albums-31 AlbumMorrison Hotel
Year: 1970
Musical Artist: The Doors
Cover Artist: Henry Diltz
Why: The since demolished Morrison Hotel in Los Angeles seemed like a fitting spot.
30. BB-Top-50-Albums-30 AlbumDiscovery
Year: 1979
Musical Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
Cover Artist: Jim Shea (photographer)
Why: Has that Arabian Knights meets Rudolph Valentino vibes to it.
29. BB-Top-50-Albums-29 AlbumRisqué 
Year: 1979
Musical Artist: Chic
Cover Artist: Ken Ambrose (photographer)
Why: Film Noir meets funky disco.
28. BB-Top-50-Albums-28 AlbumLeftoverture
Year: 1976
Musical Artist: Kansas
Cover Artist: David McMacken
Why: Very DaVinci. Very Gallileo. Very Nostradamus. Any way you slice it, it’s a Dark Ages music writer.
27. BB-Top-50-Albums-27 AlbumHysteria
Year: 1987
Musical Artist: Def Leppard
Cover Artist: Andie Airfix
Why: Monstrous dual-faced screamer inside extra-terrestrial inspired symbols.
26. BB-Top-50-Albums-26 AlbumAbbey Road
Year: 1969
Musical Artist: the Beatles
Cover Artist: Iain Macmillan (photographer)
Why: This isn’t a list with a No. 1 spot. By no means do I think this is the most iconic, but it’s certainly worthy because of its impact on pop culture.

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