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The Five Songs of 2014

I have to admit, I feel somewhat out of touch with music released in 2014.

I guess that’s what becoming a parent does to you.

Sure, there were releases I picked up from old standbys like Jack White, Miranda Lambert, The Black Keys and Weezer.

There were a few guilty pleasures sated along the way — cough — Kylie Minogue, and yes, I picked up Ed Sheeran’s album X for Christmas. And admittedly, I did like Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”.

Regardless, there were a few new artists that I grabbed a hold of, and played constantly, including White Hinterland, Temples and Lia Ices (thank you Starbucks for exposing me to the last one).

So, here are my top five singles of 2014.

5. Song: Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Album: A Perfect Contradiction
Artist: Paloma Faith
Release: May 11, 2014
Why: Neo blue-eyed soul, when reborn and repackaged in the 21st century, is something else. I expect Paloma to follow in the footsteps of Lulu and Adele and record a James Bond theme.
4. Song: Sing
Album: X
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Release: April 7, 2014
Why: My daughter, albeit flirting with her first birthday, got a kick out of the bridge to this tune.
3. Song: West Coast
Album: Ultraviolence
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Release: April 14, 2014
Why: Noirish, Hollywood and Lana Del Rey.
2. Song: Higher
Album: Ices
Artist: Lia Ices
Release: September 16, 2014
Why: Funky pop ditty with a peppering of ’80s synth.
1. Song: Lazaretto
Album: Lazaretto
Artist: Jack White
Release: April 22, 2014
Why: This song works hard, in wood and plaster.

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