Writing a novel takes dedication

Andrew Pyper's latest book The Demonologist.
Andrew Pyper’s latest book The Demonologist.

The challenge is on.

Starting April 1, I will take an hour in the morning, sit my ass in my chair, and commence with the novel writing. I’ll take an hour a day, and write as many words as I can.

Instead of complaining about how I lose track, interest, et. al. when it comes to writing, I’m just going to do it.

What spurred my revival of novel writing?

Simply put, if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it at all.

Plus there’s been a series of events that have led to this decision. I finished up reading a horror novel anthology, and have moved on to fellow countryman Andrew Pyper’s novel the Demonologist.

I’ve been going full bore on playing the Tomb Raider reboot on my PS3, entertaining returning to the Toronto poetry scene and getting some feedback on discipline from a friend – who was originally an interview I had for the Town Crier.

Throw in the election of a new pontiff, which ties into the subject matter of my novel (trilogy), and it’s a tempest of a storm brewing in the imagination station in my head.

In addition to taking the 9 am to 10 am segment of my day for my novel writing, I’ll keep track of my word count in a book.

I’m still going to keep reading while riding the steel beast called the TTC — Pyper, followed by another go at Danielle Trussoni’s Angelogy and then Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales — because that’s the other, necessary side of novel writing.

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