Time’s a-wasting

The emblem from Bethesda Studios’ game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I really step in it sometimes. But at least I can take responsibility for my own actions.

After posting a link to the Forbes 400 list on my Facebook page with a snarky little fiscal conservative crack regarding the Forbes list members not needing a handout, I discovered just how much of individualist I really am and how much that can irk someone if given the right torque.

Now I don’t really debate a topic I’m passionate about. I state an opinion to make my stance known and then move on. That’s not an invitation for debate, because that to me requires a winner. Somehow people perceive my issuing of a viewpoint as an invitation.

My views are not subject to competition, brow-beating or being jumped on like a Jehovah witness on a doorbell. Yes I am a fiscal conservative. That prudence helped me pay off some accrued debt this year – a debt that came in the past two years when having to pay for some very expensive medication – and it also helped me stay out of the red on my wedding, which in all honesty sucked $27,000 out of both my wife and I.

Keep in mind, Wayne Gretzky is a fiscal conservative. If you don’t have the money, you don’t buy it. That’s my opinion though. Kudos to you, the reader, for having a different one because that’s what Canada is, a country of freedom of speech, much to the chagrin of the chattering class.

Now the other thing about individualism is one needs drive to pursue their passions. That doesn’t mean you sacrifice morality and stomp on everyone and everything in the process. I believe the political science students refer to that particular brand of individualism as egoist. But it does mean you take responsibility for your own actions.

How does this relate to my blog about writing the next great horror novel?

Simple. You need drive to get the job done. A work ethic. If you sit on your duff, you’re not going to get work done, nor is anyone going to do it for you.

So …

I’ve been spending too much spare time playing Skyrim. Yes, a god-damn roleplaying game for the PS3. Something this traditional sports/fighting game guy has now been converted to, and it has distracted me from a duty I said I would accomplish. Then there’s NHL 12, Dead or Alive 5, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 … let’s just say, I’m more than a casual gamer.

I can’t set a consistent time to write, and I get shot crazy glances by suspicious TTC patrons whenever I pull out my leather-bound book and scribble ideas while on the subway.

But you know what? Big deal. If you don’t write ideas down when they’re spawned, they are forever lost, like a dropped penny begging for someone to just pick it up.

I just need to exercise some more discipline, cut back on my PS3 time and make the time for writing.

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